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Cycling Outerwear

Tahoe VIP Lifestyle's Cycling Apparel Department has the cycling outerwear you need to protect yourself
from the elements and to be seen in commute traffic at dark.
We have jackets, vests, and pants for out on the road, or relaxing after the ride.
Featuring product lines from Proviz and Race Face, TVL has the goods (to put) on you.
So we invite you to shop today, and get the cycling outerwear you deserve.

Cycling Outerwear Essentials

A vital part of any cyclist's gear is an assortment of cycling outerwear for riding year round, rain or shine, day or night. With our selection, you'll find lightweight, packable, waterproof, breathable, and highly reflective material to keep you comfortable and seen at night for any season. Whether wearing one of our jackets or vests, Tahoe VIP Lifestyle's Cycling Outerwear Department has the appropriate apparel for any cyclist!

Day or Night, On or Off the Bike

The versatility of the Proviz and Race Face product lines Tahoe VIP Lifestyle carries offers cyclists stylish cycling outerwear suitable for wearing out on a ride, hanging out afterward, even out on the go around town doing errands. Proviz's florescent yellow speaks for itself in the daylight. The silver/gray material Proviz uses is 100% reflective EN 20471 Certified (internationally hi-visibility certified). Applied to the entirety of one side, this capability of visually signaling the user's presence safety standard is wisely applied to protect the cyclist. Our Race Face cycling outerwear products' key features are: providing vital core warmth and moisture control when riding in cooler temperatures, hood/detachable hood or collar, lightweight and packable or insulated, and can be worn in comfort when not riding. Whatever your cycling outerwear need, TVL's got you covered.

Switch It Up

TVL offers a variety of cycling outerwear styles for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a jacket or vest, a hood, or colors, we can shield you from the elements in style. The Proviz Reflect360 Collection has a diverse line that includes the following styles in either or both jackets and vests: Outdoor, Elite, Cycling, Plus Cycling, CRS Cycling, and Plus CRS Cycling. Want a hood? Check out the Mens or Womens Outdoor Jacket for complete protection against the rain. The Plus models are a bit more technical having added breathability, waterproofing, and are more lightweight/fitted. However, you can't go wrong with either's full reflectivity coverage. The CRS Cycling Jacket and either the Plus CRS Cycling Vest or Jacket offer the cyclist a chance to get 360 reflective coverage in color! Colors range between the styles and genders but offer a full array of color choices.

The Proviz Switch Cycling Jacket or the
Proviz Switch Cycling Vest will keep you comfortable from the varying conditions while cycling and help you been seen for low light and night time riding. These reversible cycling vests and jackets are neon yellow on one side and 100% reflective material on the other. This cycling outerwear was designed specifically for the cyclist's visibility on the road.

Want to make sure you're really seen? The
Proviz Nightrider LED Cycling Jacket offers a bright, florescent yellow material, but with reflective markers and high-powered, white LED lights on the forearms and red LED lights on the lower back. The lights are controlled by a fully rechargeable battery pack with 3 settings options: flash, fast flash, and constant.

The Race Face jacket line TVL carries offers different styles for your mood, all in black. Whether it be the Nano, Chute, Union, Instigator, or Townie, you'll be representing the sport in your RF jacket. For instance, the sharp looking RF Towney Jacket, with its fleece lining and wind panels will keep you warm in cold weather with the mountain biking style Race Face is known for.

What's Under There

A cycling base layer is an important part of any cyclist's gear. With a lightweight, moisture-wicking first layer, you'll be able to ride hard without overheating. You will still having a extra warmth for the descents, as well as keeping your core comfortable throughout the ride.

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